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Toshi to the Moon

Toshi is a brilliant boy who lives in Kyoto.  He excels in school and dreams about going to the moon.  He watches the moon through his bedroom window every night before he goes to sleep.  One night he dreams of an advanced mathematical formula that changes the world. He begins his journey by solving Blockchain riddles and mining coins.

Enjoy the adventure with Toshi and his companion Doge while they build a rocket to propel themselves to the moon.  No story would be complete without a bad guy, in this case, Mr. Cloud.  Toshi and Doge overcome obstacles caused by Mr. Cloud, and the story contains joyful surprises on their way upward and beyond.

In an extremely delightful children’s story, the history of Blockchain is written in a way that is entertaining for children as well as adults.

Blockchain Adventures

Blockchain Adventures was organized by 3 geeks.  Linda Rawson, Tim Rowberry and Jason Woodland.  Together we wrote “Toshi to the Moon”, a children’s book about Blockchain technology.  Tim’s brother Ben Rowberry illustrated the book. 

Life is amazing and if you stay open minded, it can take you down some amazing paths! 

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Every day, cutting-edge technology changes the way we connect, engage and improve the world around us. Blockchain is one of those changes that will forever make an impact on society.  Our purpose is to educate society about Blockchain.

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